Thursday, 3 November 2011

Part 2

So you were the girl to go to at parties?

Yes in fact to this day guys say OH your THAT white girl, you know guys talk and say I had Liz do this and Liz do that and some said BS then they found out its true.

Don't knock it until you try LIZ!!

And sistas hated me.

So these were the college days..

 It was there she is that fucking white slut in HS and college but after that sistas realized they could use me too and some said do that shit with Liz shes a fucking slut not me use her slut white ass.

Oh yeah! this is getting interesting and how did that start?

Older sistas told the younger ones fuck her use the slut, let him fuck her ass and piss on her face and cummm all over her.They don't give a fuck about her, they use her and its true.

That how they got their bf to start using you whenever they wanted?

Not all the time, just like when they watched a game and wanted to get a blow job and everyone was there watching. They said Let Liz do it, she did this guy and that guy. so i did!!

I see, and they would all watch you?

Many black guys knew my boyfriends kinda like how many know my husband.
Yes they all watched and many said I am next.

Explain the last thing you said about husband?

Oh guys back then knew the white guys I was dating kind of like how guys in business know I am K wife and they fuck me

What would they tell your bf?

Well I was working or out with friend or shopping or or or or...

I see. So then you became very very popular among all the blacks?

OMG yes and they called me Free Ass in part because they never had to pay for anything to fuck me or get me to blow them not even a coke and I paid for motels and stuff and cause I am so white I have a light ass so it started as Fair ass then Free Ass.

Ha ha ha this wil go down so well in my blog. All community around the world should have slut like you, so fucking fucked up and hot.

So you were ready to bend over anywhere and take it in the ass or get on your knees and blow any guy?

I did very few white guys other then guys I dated,but most were on teams that fucked me!

So all that happen during the HS and college days.. anything else i could add to that chapter?

I also got kciked out of HS for cheerleading at a black HS without panties, but hell 1/2 the school had fucked me already. lol

Right now we move on to the gang bangs and more recent life.

Well its best if you ask question because there is so much, remember 30 plus years of gang bangs.

True, so tell me about biggest gang bangs?

Ok I have 3 records,

Fire away slutty

1 night is 18 guys.
2 day GB is 22 guys.
My all time best lasted 4 days 35 guys.

Wow now that is pretty impressive.

My husband was out of town in Europe that's how I had 4 days. Thanks, I am proud of it.

You must have been very sore and the holes must have taken a good battering? You should be proud as you are the biggest slut know to blacks guy so far..

Yes I was sore, I call it happy sore. I met K my husband in London a few days after I was shaved swollen and sore.

Lol. good one and what was your excuse not to sleep with him after all the soreness?

I told K I shaved my pussy for him and got swollen. lol he bought it and only ate my pussy.

That must have been ozing black cum for days? you are a good slut and a true one to make the good innocent husband to go down and eat that pussy

He would freak if he knew

I bet he would. so how about many gang bangs  you think you had so far in your life?

No idea, A LOT think about it!
In HS and college like almost every weekend.
Then I was on the road as a groupie and road slut for black bands for 3 years.

So are we talking about a 100 maybe?


Well fuck me you are fucking amazing..

Way more.

So seems like you are well liked by the black guys and you are well known where you are from?


So what are the rules set upon you by your master? first of all i'm guessing you are very sub?

Yes he makes the rules.

Can you name a few if possbile just for the readers to have an idea

I am allowed to chat but I am not allowed to call or meet guys without his permission, 

That is when you meet him every sunday for gang bangs?

Yes I go to church and by the end Ken is gone to play golf.

Church, religious woman after all and is that the BLACK COCK CHURCH. lol

I get the motel get everything set up then they arrive.

Well  you are good white slutty wife, getting it all ready for the black superior guys to fuck you like a bitch you are.

YUMMY YES I do my best.
So what have the guys made you do so far? I can name it but it best coming from your mouth if you catch my drift.

Well they know I am very oral and I love anal. I do ATM and I lick ass.

That my girl.

They say few sluts lick ass I have since HS.

So you tasted many shitty asses over the years? And seems like you want more and more as long as they belong to the blacks.

The best way at a gangbang if there is a couch is to have me backwards on the couch with my face at the end where you sit and the guys squat over my face and let me suck or lick their ass.

That a good white submissive wife right there.

The guys only let me after they are done fucking me cause they don't want to get near my face after.

So you are just used and abused and then put away when you not needed anymore?

Some guys do what they call a hit and run.

Which means?

They come in fuck me and leave after they cum, some stay and drink the beer or whatever I bring and fuck me or let me blow them again

So let me go through some stuff you have done?
The obvious pussy and anal?


Ass to mouth? Rim job? Gang bang? So far all done yeah?

YES and YES and YES

Piss on or piss inside your holes?

Yes, you will love this one. I did a large gang bang and at the end the guys all came on me then put me in the tub and they took turns pissing cum off me, they told me to try and catch it in my mouth.

That a good girl.

You are welcome to get in touch with Liz and and have a chat with her. Her yahoo e-mail address is

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Married white whores

This is my first interview with Liz R from USA and she is the best black cock slut that i have ever encountered. Enjoy the interview and Part 2 will be coming soon, any feedback or questions are welcome.

What is your name?

Mrs. Elizabeth R.

Kind of you to spare the time for a chat Mrs R.


So how did it all start?

Well I was picked to be a LRS in high school, I was 15.

And for those who are new to this LRS means?

Locker room slut, i was picked for the black HS teams, the blond hair and I was a cheerleader for the Catholic HS team

Very nice. That sound like you were trained an early age to do ths shit? Was your first guy a black??

No my first was white and my age, my second was black he is the teacher that turned me out and trained me as an LRS. He told me I was a natural.

Well that is do fucking hot.

I was into it right away.

And he was right indeed as you are still in the scene.

OMG yes more then ever.

So you married? And if yes how long?

Married 17 years

So you owned now slutty?

Yes a guy at my husband's office sets up the gangbangs he owns 8 of us.

Does husband know about your secret life?

He knows some of my past.

OK so your master own 8 of you slut wife's?


So how many times a week you meet up with him and what is your role now?

Mostly Sundays if my husband plays golf.

Nice. Seems like that is very well planned.

Oh yea

Well we wil get to that in a bit. So you started at 15? And how many guys fucked you since?

Best guess is a little over 2400 black guys and a few hundred others.

This make you without a shadow of a doubt the biggest white wife slut I have had the pleasure to encounter.

YUMMY I like that.

And i'm guessing it all 3 holes.

Oh yes, trust me not many will be even close.

Well i wil take your word for it. So now for the wankers who will be wanking over your blog tell us what you done or been ordered to do and have done so far.

Well its best if you ask question because there is so much, lets stay with HS, the LRS stuff.
The white guys i dated and cheated on. lol  like all of them. lol

So when you became a true LRS? what happened then? what changed?

Well once I did my first locker room Gb. I could not wait till the next game

To lick those sweaty blacks cock and balls? But you were so young?

Yes and I got so used to sweaty guys to this day I can smell a locker room and get wet
I love sweaty guys, some guys let me lick them all over some don't.

Now this is a dirty slut, lick those sweaty balls and ass and soak up that black sweat.. that is a TRUE WHITE SLUT HERE

I do love it.

How did you became more and more famous with other college?

I was not that famous in colleges but I was in HS.

OK and  any other white girls was slutty like you?

Not at first, I was the first one and for quite sometime the only one.

Bet a lot of hatred from the other kids then?

I lived in a white area so it was mixed.

Did mum and dad ever find out about there daughter dirty little secret?

No they didn't

So from HS what was the next big step?

Well I did college gangbangs too then I was a groupie for black bands.
So I got a rep in HS and I was dating white guys in college most had no idea what a slut I am but I was cheating with BBC of course.

And have you ever cuckold any of the white guys?

Not really i cheated mostly. I cheated on every guy I ever dated!

OK so what other stuff the blacks made you do or got you into?
That is a very good white slut there, round of applause please.

Back then it was mostly fuck me and leave, they didn't get that many white girls that did gang bangs.

And how many guys usually in the gang bang?

5 to 10 normally, at parties over 10

And all holes and no matter how big the BBC were or how much it hurts?

I learned to carry astroglide with me and be ready for anything. I also carry kids markers cause sharpies take forever to wash off. The best for anal

Kids markers as they like to write on you.

I should have an endorsement deal. lol

Well after this very long 10 part interview goes out surely someone will contact you..

So the guys just used and abused the local white slut? What other crazy shit they tried with you?

Black guys told black guys do anything with Liz and they did.
I just want them all to fuck me. Guys would do things that they always wanted to with me.
They all said that they would never ask a GF to do this or that but with me they did.
Well anal was the thing that most women didn't do and sistas never do it. So they would fuck my ass. No girlfriends liked facials, and none ever licked ass, the eating pussy thing too.

Well as you all can see this is an interview over a lot of years so many more part to come soon but for now anyone feel free to contact me for an interview whether you are a BULL, CUCK, WIFE, DOM. 
This is a REAL interview and nothing is made up. Good reading.